Making a Fantastic First Impression At Your New Job

So you got the work – that’s great news. you must have put your best face on and nailed all the interview questions, and been likable enough to be employable. That’s fantastic and you should be proud of yourself, and your parents should be too. But the effort is just beginning (quite literally). You need to not just show up and do a great job at your new job but you need to impress with the intangibles that you may be overlooking, lest someone else gets that big promotion. And therefore starts on day one – you can’t show up and slack after which expect to make strides forward when you have more to work with you have to get going from the very first second. So here are several ways to get noticed and impress your employer on your 1st day in the job.

Arrive in Style


You not want to drive up in your 15 year old car, or even worse, get dropped off by somebody else. You will be an adult and you have a great new job, you must show up in something spiffy. Since you do now have gainful employment – and maybe you’ve had that before and therefore are just switching jobs – you should get a new car, or at least one new to you, and one that shows which kind of person you might be: a go getter along with a force being reckoned with. A great choice for that is the new Fiats they’re making now – you can observe them in the fiat santa monica. Since you have the new job, you should be able to get financing if need be and it should be a fairly easy monthly payment. Doing this, when you turn up, everyone will be at you with wide eyes and say, here comes the new person! Check out the choices for Fiats at OC Fiat.

Bring Snacks


Before lunch or even in the afternoon after the lunch time blues sink in, everyone loves a bit of something to enjoy either every morning. So when it’s the first day at the job, you should butter up those who work there with something yummy, either cookies or little pastries from the nearby supermarket. If you feel ambitious, too, you may make something. It might appear like pandering to the powers that be, but it really isn’t: it’s a warm and thoughtful gesture that will not go unnoticed, and definately will set you off about the right foot with everybody in the office, except Brenda in accounting who can resent you since she’s the one who is known for bringing in baked goods!

Happy Hour


Another way to get off on the right foot is to invite everyone out for a Happy Hour on the afternoon of your first day. Winning friends with booze is one of the most effective to win friends, and though some will decline, you will certainly earn lots of good will from those you are going to spend the majority of your waking time with.