Slipping Into These Habits Can Ruin Your Motor

The better care you take of things the more they will last. This is true of several things in your life, nothing much more than cars. Should you keep on performing it things commence to add up and you will probably be shortening the lifespan of your car, it may seem harmless to neglect your motor in the short term but.

If you want your car or truck to last as long as possible and run smoothly then don’t slip in to these bad habits:

• Delay regular maintenance – regularly maintenance is vital for the longevity of your car. Including things like replacing oil and air filters, transmission fluid, brake pad care etc. Look in your car manual (it’s probably from the glove box behind the empty CD cases and used tissues) and you’ll see what maintenance is required for your specific model. Should you compare it to the fee for a new transmission or engine, you may have to invest a little cash into this maintenance but it’s a pittance.


• Ignore warning lights in the dash – if a warning indicator light flashes through to the dash it is important that you sort the problem out the instant you can. Examine your manual when you are unsure about what some of the lights mean. If they are not addressed, modern cars have warning lights for many various things and some of them could lead to big problems. Prevention is better than cure and these lights help you to prevent any problems from getting worse.


• Shifting whilst the car is in motion – another bad habit which could cause havoc with your transmission. The transmission is a very expensive and complex component so it is important that it can be used in the way it was designed to be used. You must not shift between drive and reverse as the car is moving, this jerky type of shifting places excessive stress on the internal gears of the mechanism and can ultimately lead it its failure.

• Jerky driving style – speeding away and stopping abruptly at the end of the path is a sure fire way to break your vehicle. It may not destroy the vehicle immediately but it will probably be detrimental on the engine, the brake system and the transmission causing these to deteriorate sooner than they would ordinarily. Abused cars suffer from broken seals, mechanical problems and premature fluid leaks. You might have been warned – smooth is definitely the way to go.

• Delaying tire replacement – the tires which can be needed for some cars are pretty expensive so many drivers put it off for as long as possible to save money. Unfortunately this can lead to untold problems. It is definitely risky to drive on tires which are bald, blow outs while driving can make you lose control and engage in a serious accident. Driving from the rain on bald tires is also extremely dangerous by having an increased chance of hydroplaning. Okay, so perhaps new tires are expensive but they’re not nearly as expensive as a car or even probably the insurance deductible.


So, in case you have any of these habits then now’s the time to break them. Not only will your car thank you for it but your finances will be in a lot healthier condition too.

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